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  Tunngle Guide for LOSV
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Discussion » General (lvl - 0) » Nice & Funny » GTA 4 - Carmageddon
GTA 4 - Carmageddon
SHADOW Date: Tuesday, 25 Jan 2011, 15:21 | Message # 1
Posts: 239
Joined: 14 Feb 2009
Same game, different view. What happens if you turn of the friction?

Roca Date: Tuesday, 25 Jan 2011, 19:25 | Message # 2
Posts: 54
City: hermosillo
Joined: 13 Jan 2010
funny :D, a kid could get traumatized with cars, thats a real crazy game i dont understand Us population, they complain about terror caos on U.S. schools and maniac cartoons and games like this are teaching kids US culture since they born, so US is growing twisted minds, pets, aliens zombies, young killers robbers rapers hitmans AIDS, crack, rock and roller the cola wars, i can't take it anymore! lllol sorry i went to far m8s...

Losv has an interesting real background, that documental about S.O.G secret group etcc its educational.. what does GTA has? both games shows kill, both are wrong, but GTA is about US garbage wich brings me to

WE DIDNT START THE FIRE ... sacastic realistic song of US history on chronologic order of events written and performed by the master Billy Joel, a must listen rock song

EDIS Date: Tuesday, 25 Jan 2011, 19:50 | Message # 3
Posts: 274
City: London
Joined: 12 Feb 2009
a cool destructive game for terminating the meaning if it has any

...:::"respect the aspect of expect"- Sir Cr4p:::...
Discussion » General (lvl - 0) » Nice & Funny » GTA 4 - Carmageddon
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